Movie 12: The Grudge 2 (2006)



I hate horror movies for two reasons:
– There’s a certain predictability to them.
– And yet in spite of the expected, they never fail to scare me.

The Grudge 2 isn’t especially chilling. It has its moments, but after a while, do you really expect me to be scared of a Japanese-looking woman who doesn’t know the concept of a comb? Moreover, it’s very confusing. It skips from one place to another without any real transition. But since you know they’re going to be related somehow, you don’t find it surprising when the weird neighbor turns out to be the new student who has moved back from Japan. Also, how is that old woman in the mountains able to speak English? It defies logic. Even the presumably well-educated nurses/receptionist at a modern hospital look at each other when Aubrey ask them a simple question: “Do you speak English?”

On that note, two things crossed my mind when the boy who played Eason shows up to help her out. First, OMGWTF he is cute. Second, He doesn’t even look Japanese. Do you people really expect me to believe he’s Japanese? Yes, I’m one of those people who can tell a Southeast Asian’s ethnicity by looking at his/her face. I was someone soothed when he turns out to be from Hong Kong. And I was mildly surprised when I found out the actor’s name is Edison Chen. The Edison Chen I’ve heard so much about? I’m understanding the hype now.

All in all, it was an okay movie. Not all that bad, but could’ve been better.

Movie 2: Dating a Vampire (2006)



Alex Fong is cute. If it isn’t already obvious, that sentence is a dead giveaway as to what my gender is. He has the bad boy look, yet the character he plays is oh-so-pure. It’s his friend Chuen who’s a pervert, and he sure looks like one.The love story itself is messed up. In fact, I’m not sure why it is a love story. All Fong’s character does is see the vampire a couple times and then “save” her from being married to another ghost. That does not constitute dating, m’kay? The flashbacks during the climax are thusly ridiculous and wrong. Besides, it is implied that Fong’s character has a girlfriend, making the whole thing double wrong.

On a side note, what kind of name is Banana? Do people in Hong Kong really name their kids after fruits and such?