Movie 8: Hero (2002)



Chinese title: Ying Xiong

Strange. I normally like Chinese movies, and I’m a big fan of Jet Li. That said, you would think I’d love this movie from the bottom of my heart. But I don’t. Maybe my memory is deceiving me, or maybe it’s the snobbishness kicking in, but Chinese movies used to be a lot better. During a fight the characters move so unnaturally, making it obvious that they are hanged and choreographed by some invisible strings – as though they’re puppets.

It reminds me a lot of the time I watched either House of the Flying Daggers or Bulletproof Monk (I forgot because I’ve seen way too many movies) where the fight scenes look equally idiotic. I need some real action! Real fights! See, this is where I have a sudden appreciation for Jackie Chan (I dislike him otherwise and I seriously think he’s ready to retire).

The story is great, though. Historical movies always make me want to learn the real history behind it. I want to know how much of the movie is true and how much of it is made up. (I was both intrigued and disappointed when I found out about the historical Princess Anastasia of Russia. And Anna Anderson. And such.) Unfortunately, I have no idea where to begin where China is concerned. I promise I’m going to pick up a history book on China one of these days. Yeah, one of these days. Definitely.