Book 58: How Life Begins by Christopher Vaughn (1996)



After The Face, this book is only appropriate. It almost reads like a sequel even though it was written by a different author. Let’s just say what I didn’t learn by reading The Face, I learned by reading How Life Begins. The little groove thingy between your mouth and your nose, for example (i.e., part of your face). I now know it is called philtrum and it has absolutely no use whatsoever. It was formed so you could have a mouth and a nose, but other than that, useless.

This book is divided into nine chapters – one chapter for each month of pregnancy. The author also attaches pictures to give us some idea how big a fetus is at that point. It’s exciting. For the most part I already knew everything that’s in the book, but something struck me like it never did:

If the sexuality of a baby is affected by the hormones of the mother in the womb, then it isn’t so much as “God created some people gay” as it is “You’re gay because your mother messed up during her pregnancy.” Not that I’m into the whole God or homosexuality discussion. At all.

This book does nothing to change my other belief regarding abortion. My Catholic upbringing must have influenced me to an extent, but even after I gave up on Jesus I still believe – pardon, I meant I still KNOW – that a fetus is a human at the earliest stage of life. I will draw a line right at the implantation stage. Before that occurs, you’re not killing anyone. After that, yes you are. Not that I’m against abortion personally. No offense, but if you get pregnant out of stupidity I really don’t want to have your offspring running around in addition to you yourself.

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