Movie 23: Enchanted (2007)



This is the movie that we watched on the night of Thanksgiving’s Day.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw the trailer. I did grew up with the Disney’s princesses. I used to have two copies of the Sleeping Beauty storybook because I thought I’d lost my first copy when it was actually behind the sofa. I don’t think I liked the story as much as my family made me believe I did though. They were the ones who dressed me up as a little princess; I was just living up to their expectations.

I do know that I came out of the theater half-disappointed. The movie is rated PG, but there are some scenes that I feel shouldn’t have been there. I guess I was under the impression that it was going to be another nice, harmless princess story, but my grown-up eye and mind caught all the inappropriate references and little things – inappropriate by my standards anyway. For example, I didn’t like how Giselle shows cleavages. Good girls aren’t supposed to show cleavages, and it’s just wrong that a princess is not being portrayed as a good girl.

Another thing that didn’t feel satisfying is the pairing of Robert and Giselle. I guess it’s the whole point, but it’s kind of sad if you see it from Nancy’s point of view. Here is the man you’ve been dating for five years that you know so well, and suddenly he’s falling for a bizarre girl within a, what, one-week time frame? That’s worse than Romeo and Juliet! It doesn’t help that Nancy instantly falls for Prince Edward. Both Robert and Nancy are supposed to be rational; they should have known better. Or was their relationship never solid to begin with? The whole thing just makes no sense. Of course, the WHOLE movie doesn’t make sense if you want to be technical about it.

Patrick Dempsey is nice to look at. I grew tired of him when I was on a Grey’s Anatomy marathon (or did I grow tired of his character?), but in small doses he’s really fine.

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