Movie 19: Holes (2003)



Ever since I saw Disturbia I’ve had a little crush on Shia LaBeouf (he’s only a tad bit younger than me, so it’s no biggie). So when I saw the trailer for this movie during the commercials I swore to see it. I’ve been meaning to read the book anyway. It used to be so popular in bookstores that it wouldn’t kill me to know the storyline.

As it turns out, Holes is a horrible movie. I’m sure the book would make more sense, but all the flashbacks are just annoying. My mother could attest to that. She complained about not understanding the plot because she didn’t join in until we were halfway through. And I mean, the scenes did jump around from boys in the desert to a dead cowgirl to a Jewish family. So choppy. Definitely a bad idea for future movie directors out there.

Shia here still looks like a teenage boy (since he is still one), and I still can’t get over how grown-up he is now. I guess I never thought he was cute when he was still known as Louis Stevens, but now he’s like the male version of a girl-next-door. Funny what a few years can do to your charm, eh? It helps that the boy who plays Zero also looks so sweet. His face doesn’t suit him now that he’s older, but as Zero he is so nice to look at. He sounds smart, too.

. . . believe me, I’m no pedophile.

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