Movie 16: Secret of My Success (1987)



I like Michael J. Fox as much as I like Emilio Estevez and Kirk Cameron, but this movie is just stupid. So this Kansas boy flies over to New York and can somehow charm his way to the top of a company and outsmart an experienced businessman . . . and stuff. No, it just makes no sense. Maybe I’m too used to seeing Mr. Fox as Marty McFly – a teenager of the 80s who goes back to the future, but he isn’t believable as a Kansas boy.

The story is also stupid. I hate it when a female character is supposed to be smart and then gets into bed with someone she’s just met. Then of course she gets all disappointed when she finds out unpleasant things about the guy she’s fallen for. Yeah, that doesn’t exactly spell out “smart” to me.

This movie is entertaining to some extent, but not something I’d recommend.

One Response to “Movie 16: Secret of My Success (1987)”

  1. BriteDay Says:

    This movie IS one of the classics. I like the part where he is trying to keep both jobs togather… he is changing clothes in the elevator in between and a lady catches him when the door opens… he tries to cover it by actting like he is doing body building poses! LOL! 🙂

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