Book 41: Core Concepts in Health 10th ed by Paul M. Insel and Walton T. Roth (2006)



I like textbooks. I remember reading the textbook we used for my health class in high school and thinking, “I’m going to read this whole thing when I have the time.” Though I did have a lot of spare time (with a diet consisting of three anime episodes per day), I just wasn’t that dedicated. I ended up reading only the chapters I had to know for quizzes and homework and stuff like that. I got a solid A in that class, by the way.

This textbook reminds me of the days before I tried cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. I used to think, “OMG, what are we learning this for? Of course we’ll never do it; it’s just stupid.” I agree now that it’s stupid, but I also understand now why people do stupid things. Mainly because they’re stupid. Sometimes younger kids do have more common sense than young adults who are supposedly more mature and educated.

Haha, good times.

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