Movie 13: Grease (1978)



I read somewhere that Grease is the High School Musical of yer parents’ generation. I also read somewhere else that it is the best teen movies of the 1980s. Me being me, I just find it hard to find something to criticize harshly in any old movies I see. People seem to have better acting skills back in the old days, or maybe I just like anything old. Nevertheless, I have several things to note:

– John Travolta looks a lot skinnier and, well, younger. He still looks too old to be in high school, but seeing him in a leather jacket and tight pants – and wearing that hairstyle – compensates for everything that is wrong in my life.

– Although Grease is supposed to be like High School Musical, I am reminded of Mean Girls. The Pink Lilies (or they’re called something pink anyway) are a lot like The Plastics, aren’t they? And they don’t have to be cheerleaders. too.

– Speaking of whom, the cheerleaders wear very long skirts! I almost died choking when I first saw that. Imagine cheerleaders today wearing that kind of uniform. Horror.

– Speaking of which, all the girls seem to be wearing slightly-below-the-knee-length skirts. I couldn’t help thinking of something. Twenty-years from now, teenagers would be laughing at the gelled hair and the baggy pants boys are sporting . . . and the various ridiculous outfits girls are wearing. Hell, I’m laughing at some of them already.

Edit: After watching the whole movie, I came to the conclusion that it is like High School Musical in that it is stupid beyond reason (no offense, y’all). I did like the music, especially “Summer Nights” and “Grease Lightning” (which I think may be because my dad used to put those on when I was younger), but the vocals are terrible and the dances are so horribly choreographed.

I also hated the ending. Why on earth did Sandy (by the way, I found out the actress who played her was thirty at the time) become a bad girl? That sends all the wrong message. It is romantic in a way, but it’s mostly stupid. In the end, there’s no way the relationship will work.

8 Responses to “Movie 13: Grease (1978)”

  1. Mala Says:

    Grease is one of my all-time favorite movies. I still love it!

  2. r Says:

    John Travolta looks better on film poster rather than in movie… but this is a classic movie, anyway…
    I love it & actually, do not care with his looks 😆

  3. mack Says:

    the movie rules and buy the way its the pink l-a-d-ies not pink lillies

  4. angry Says:

    ok grease is a classic movie and obviosly millions of other people loved it including myself. the skirts were long because thats how the styles were in the 50’s. sorry if they don’t show enough leg for you. oh, and if you didn’t notice sandy didn’t really change. she only portrayed a look to get dannys attention. he did the same thing to her (letterman jacket). oh and by the way, Grease wasn’t “supposed” to be like anything. It was a broadway show long before it was a movie, and definately before that joke High School Musical came out. also, the pink ladies are NOT like the plastics in any way. all they are is a classic clique. the plastics thought they were perfect, not the pink ladies, they are all why dont you watch the movie again, and do your research before spreading your ignorance all over the web. thank you and good bye.

  5. franQ Says:

    Did you know that according to, High School Musical was originally titled Grease 3? Not sure why, but I find your comparison interesting.

  6. ~ShAyE~ Says:


  7. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    If you want to read a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for four from five. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn yahoo to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!

  8. Evelyn Says:

    The movie is really cool i really loved.I tought it was gana be borin but its not

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