Book 27: The Science of Harry Potter by Roger Highfield (2002)



This is one of the more readable science books I’ve ever read. Since I do have a background in science, I’m not sure how much sense it’ll make to the general public, though. The writing both is clear but not comprehensive, if you know what I mean. Although the Harry Potter tag was what lured me into reading this book, I feel like the author could have written so much better if he didn’t constantly make the “Muggles” reference. Seriously, it gets annoying after a while.

All in all, I’d definitely get his other books. He has excellent writing.

P.S. For my faithful readers out there (because I know you exist!) this may be the beginning of the end. School is starting, I’m getting a job, and I don’t know how willing I am to risk my . . . life for the sake of reading books and watching movies.

One Response to “Book 27: The Science of Harry Potter by Roger Highfield (2002)”

  1. Mala Says:

    I met Roger Highfield at a journalist’s convention and bought the book afterward. I enjoyed it — though I get what you mean about the constant referencing of Potter slang.

    Nice site!!

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