Book 25: Jesus: A meditation on His Stories and His Relationships with Women by Andrew Greeley (2007)



The title of this book may be generic, but the subtitle gives away what this book is all about. Basically, the author takes passages about Jesus and analyze them in accordance to his personal belief. He’s Catholic. And like many other Catholics, he seems to share my aversion to Bible-thumping Evangelists and Mel Gibson. I find myself agreeing to most of his opinions anyway. Perhaps instead of completely letting go of my Catholic upbringing the other day, I have subconsciously suppressed it within the depths of my soul – where it still remains and waits for the perfect moment to eventually triumph over me. You know what they say: Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.

This book reminds me of two things:
1. My childish (i.e., selfish, twisted, pure evil) thoughts regarding some of the parables.
2. The average person’s lack of knowledge and understanding of something – and his/her/its enthusiasm to spout off with authority regardless. A lot of people on WordPress are like that.


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