Book 21: Concise History of the Catholic Church by Thomas Bokenkotter (2004)



I’m sorry, I thought I knew what “concise” means. At 600+ pages including appendix and index, this is the thickest book I have to read this week. I only ended up skimming it though. Even though I’ve never been an especially good Catholic, I actually know the history of the Church. (See how it is capitalized? That makes all the difference.) Of course it helps that I also took a couple classes on Western civilization and read The Da Vinci Code. I am truly the enlightened one.

Although comprehensive, this book may be even better if it were more engaging. The author tries so hard to cover everything about the Church from A to Z that he barely brushes upon the more interesting parts. I mean, come on. All I wanted was some sensationalism and made-up anecdotes. Those would have kept me awake.

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