Movie 10: High School Musical 2



I’ve never liked anything produced by the Disney Channel. Yet some time last year I couldn’t resist watching High School Musical due to the hype surrounding it. It did make me chuckle at parts, I liked a couple of the characters (Gabriella seemed sweet, Ryan adorable), and I loved the song “Breaking Free.” Overall it was terrible, though. Then I also watched the concert and was amazed at the number of people who worshiped the show. The audience was HUGE, man, HUGE.

And just because I’m a masochist of some sort, I also found a couple hours in my incredibly and excredibly busy schedule tonight to see the sequel. Now it may be that I have a twisted mind, but that ha got to be the most sexual G-rated movie I’ve ever seen. The pool scenes? The swimsuits? The numerous double-entendres? Or maybe it’s just me, in which case: never mind.

I wasn’t really that disappointed by the movie – since I never really liked it in the first place. I do wonder about the exact interval between the first movie and this one. Just about everyone has changed his/her/its hairstyle and grown some. Half of the cast certainly doesn’t look like they belong in high school. Also, Gabriella no longer looks like the good girl she’s supposed to be, and whoever plays Sharpay is such a terrible actress. I still love the boy who plays Ryan, though. Ha.

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    hi vannesa wat u up 2
    i cant belive im talking 2 a popular person

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