Movie 9: Princess Mononoke (1997)



Japanese title: Mononoke Hime

Fear not, fans of Hayao Miyazaki. I’ve finally come across Princess Mononoke, a movie that I cannot begin to criticize it is that excellent. Yes, this is the first of his movies that will escape being tag as “boring” by yours truly – a most qualified judge of anime and movies in general. I absolutely love everything about it. There’s enough action and the characters are fascinating. Ashitaka is the kind of guy that lured me into watching anime in the first place. He’s almost perfect.

Kudos for having ex-prostitutes instead of regular women and for letting ’em show what they got. Toki is excredibly tough.


One Response to “Movie 9: Princess Mononoke (1997)”

  1. toastarcade Says:

    What a coincidence I passed by this post, the previous Friday from this past weekend, at midnight the popular kids network YTV ended its anime friday night programming called Bionix with this very movie. It was a splendid movie, with near flawless animation and the action was fantastic, the way heads would fall off after being hit by an arrow was hilarious and yet cool.

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