Movie 8: Hero (2002)



Chinese title: Ying Xiong

Strange. I normally like Chinese movies, and I’m a big fan of Jet Li. That said, you would think I’d love this movie from the bottom of my heart. But I don’t. Maybe my memory is deceiving me, or maybe it’s the snobbishness kicking in, but Chinese movies used to be a lot better. During a fight the characters move so unnaturally, making it obvious that they are hanged and choreographed by some invisible strings – as though they’re puppets.

It reminds me a lot of the time I watched either House of the Flying Daggers or Bulletproof Monk (I forgot because I’ve seen way too many movies) where the fight scenes look equally idiotic. I need some real action! Real fights! See, this is where I have a sudden appreciation for Jackie Chan (I dislike him otherwise and I seriously think he’s ready to retire).

The story is great, though. Historical movies always make me want to learn the real history behind it. I want to know how much of the movie is true and how much of it is made up. (I was both intrigued and disappointed when I found out about the historical Princess Anastasia of Russia. And Anna Anderson. And such.) Unfortunately, I have no idea where to begin where China is concerned. I promise I’m going to pick up a history book on China one of these days. Yeah, one of these days. Definitely.

3 Responses to “Movie 8: Hero (2002)”

  1. Marquis Chapman Says:

    Yeah. I totally agree. I’m a big fan of martial art movies, but all that flying and running on water doesn’t impress me. That guy who does the Ong Bak movies is the only one that does realistic moves. He does all his stunts and his fight scenes are amazing. He might be the next Bruce Lee if he keeps it up.

  2. SAMUEL TWUM Says:


  3. Ahmed Says:

    nice move n nice info

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