Movie 7: Wakko’s Wish (1999)



I used to really love Animaniacs because it was one of the best cartoon shows at the time. Which goes to show how horrible the quality of the average cartoon show was. Wakko was my favorite character mainly because his clothes were the most colorful and he was the cutest among the Warner brothers (and the Warner sister).

Now when I was still watching the show regularly, I was this naive kid with a nonexistent sarcasm radar. Still, I remember being somewhat aware that Animaniacs was a parody of some sort. I thought that maybe I’d understand the jokes better “when I’m older.” Eight years later, I’m watching Wakko’s Wish and I think: “This is such a piece of crap.” The only thing that keeps me from turning it off is my desperation to remember the good old days.

First off, I still think the artwork is great. I still think Wakko is adorable. For a parody, though, there is nothing remotely funny about it. I didn’t even laugh once, and I’m the kind of person who laughs at everything. I think the producer (yes, Spielberg, I’m talking to you) is too concerned with trying to appeal to adults as well as to children. Well, I think if you’re making a movie for children you need to treat your targeted audience seriously. Enough with the inside jokes – parents who are stuck watching alongside their kids just need to grin and bear the kind of movie their kids are into.

3 Responses to “Movie 7: Wakko’s Wish (1999)”

  1. shoe Says:

    ur an asshole!!! wakko rules and so does animaniacs.

  2. chicken wing Says:

    Ok first off i would like to ask, ARE YOU STUPID? why would you say that? your being completely unfair and obviously not paying any attention to what you see in Animaniacs or Wakko’s Wish! i’m one of those people that won’t laff unless its EXTREAMLY funny! I’m a teenager and i still watch Animaniacs. Its funny and your stupid. wakko rocks and so does Animaniacs! you need to watch it again. Its bettter for parents to sit through something that is funny (like Animaniacs) rather than barney or the telletubbies, right? so all im saying is watch it again and look closer for the funny. Once again, YOUR STUPID!

  3. najeeb Says:

    i need kids carttoons

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