Book 17: Peeps by Scott Westerfeld (2005)



I read Scott Westerfeld’s other/first book So Yesterday earlier this year and enjoyed it immensely. I thought it was both cute and clever despite the slow beginning. That’s why I tried to remain patient when I was reading Peeps. After a while, however, I just had to give up.

First, I don’t like the premise. Call me old-fashioned or something-phobe, but I become uncomfortable when I read a book about a teenager who is sexually active and doesn’t seem to regret it in any way. Yes, even if the main character is actually nineteen – an older teenager who’s legally an adult.

Second, what works in So Yesterday just doesn’t work here. The main character of that other book is in high school. In high school, it is only appropriate – if not expected – to label yourself as something or other (e.g., “hunter”). Coming from a nineteen-year-old, though, such bizarre classification just seems annoyingly childish.

Someone who has the mentality of a fifteen-year-old and is promiscuous just doesn’t get my sympathy, m’kay.

10 Responses to “Book 17: Peeps by Scott Westerfeld (2005)”

  1. Ashlee Says:


  2. yomomma Says:

    You seriously should have read the rest of Peeps. Maybe then u wouldn’t be whining about the subject of the book.

  3. peeplover13 lol Says:

    ok first of all dude get over youurself people have sex all the time its not a new concept (duh)
    second of all he didnt label himself as a hunter thats what they are its what they do they hunt down peeps and its not childish to call yourself what you are unless you have something against names and then your just messed up
    third of all you should really finish a book before you can complain about it otherwise you dont know what your talking about
    fourth of all if you where the author what would you call someone who hunts people for a living?? it doesnt make sense to call them anything else m’kay

  4. outcast Says:

    Shut up and just enjoy a book and get over how you feel about because no one even cares. It’s a great book and it DOES have a great theme. And like I said no one gives a rip about you.

  5. sam Says:

    that book was one of the best books i have ever read you are nuts for not reading it

  6. courtney Says:

    i am 14 and in 8th grade.
    i live in a small town in ohio
    i love your books i am like obsessed with all of them but i have to say specials was kinda borring but good job i love your books!!!

  7. akecia Says:

    ok peeps is by far the best book ever like i HATE reading.. but when i picked up this book i would read it in the halls and in classes, even when my boyfriend was over!!!!! this book made it easy to visualize what the setting is like it is soooooo amazing i really want there to be a movie i would buy like 50 copies lolz!!!
    this book was and IS great no matter what you people say !!!!!!!!!

  8. peepgirl Says:

    Dude was an AWESOME book give it a 2nd chance and just power through.

  9. peepgirl Says:

    *Dude Peeps

  10. Sally Hitchens Says:

    this book was PRETTY boring…….it’s alright for people who like learning about parasites and the future……

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