Book 13: Final Exam by Pauline W. Chen (2007)



After spending too much time watching Grey’s Anatomy in the past week, reading this book is only appropriate. I was already familiar with the differences between an intern, a resident, and an attending – and I actually knew what “code blue” means. These terms are all in the book and I was strangely sensitive to them. Go figure.

I usually despise memoir. I hate the self-serving tone that comes with the package. This book, however, is so eloquently written that I was able to ignore everything I might have disliked about it. It is very well-written and flows so smoothly that I managed to finish reading this book in just a day – a rarity. The author has a nice range of vocabulary, too.

Of course, what initially drew me to the book was my developing interest in the medical world. I wanted to know what goes on in a day of a doctor’s life or just a day in the hospital. (I started watching Grey’s Anatomy much for the same reason.) That probably what makes the narrative seem so fascinating to me that I’m including this in my highly recommended list.


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