Book 11: Are You Rapture Ready? by Todd Strandberg and Terry James (2004)



I actually read the first two books in the Left Behind series (by Tim LaHaye, who wrote the foreword for this book) and liked them. At the time I hadn’t really been thinking about Christianity for the longest time and temporarily forgot that The End Is Near, so I found the whole thing intriguing. I had absolutely no idea what the Rapture is all about, though, and I swore to learn more about it “one of these days.”

Two years later, I finally picked up this book. I read bits here and there (it’s really hard to read this book without skipping to the more interesting sections) and remembered some of the scattered teachings of the non-Catholic Christian school I went to as a preteen.

I remember my violin teacher telling me the European countries uniting was a sign of something (which I now know the second awakening of the Roman Empire – or something). He also said one day we all would be forced to use microchips to function in this society, and if we refuse (because the body is the temple of God and we shouldn’t insert anything unnatural into it), we’d be brutally killed. I remember that really scared me and everyone in the orchestra – being twelve-year-olds and all. And Bill Gates was the Antichrist because “www” can be rewritten as “vi vi vi,” which translates into “666.”

That’s all this book does – reminding me of the good old days. I expected to learn about the Rapture a whole lot more from this book, but I didn’t. I just find it interesting that the authors seriously considers Barney the dinosaur as the Antichrist. I mean, my God. Most of us say it only as a joke. Seriously.

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  1. Clara Eve Says:

    A couple Google items everyone should read: “Pretrib Rapture Diehards” (how the hoopla began), and “The Rapture Index (Mad Theology).” I also found these and similar info on the “Powered by Christ Ministries” site. Clara

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