Book 9: Dragon’s Blood by Jane Yolen (1982)



This book reminds me a lot of Anne McCaffrey’s books and of how much I hate dragon stories. So dull. I should give Christopher Paolini some credit for writing the only dragon story (sort of) that didn’t bore me to tears so far.

I already got the entire trilogy, too.

6 Responses to “Book 9: Dragon’s Blood by Jane Yolen (1982)”

  1. Bob Tish Says:

    I hate your boooks

  2. Jay tyler Says:

    loved your books

  3. Renata Says:

    I like Anne McCaffrey is awesome but I don’t like Christopher Paolini. His books bored me to tears. Haven’t read this book…I should.

  4. cameron Says:

    plz help me find the fourth book called dragons heart or i may cry

  5. Burton Haynes Says:

    This is the most awesome game I have ever playd ! Do you folks belive me? If you do not, please check the game yourself and feel the adrenalin rush yourself 😉

  6. Wolf Says:

    Anne and Jane both have come up with good works .. not their fault you want to see dead dragons.

    (hellOOOO .. dragon hunters?? cmon get real)

    anyone that has the indecency to say that their books aren’t good needs their head examined.
    did you know that each author put a LOT of work into their writing? AND they made sure to NOT have idiots hunting dragons. not only did i feel they did an excellent job..but they turned the tables and made dragons out to be friends instead of the ancient enemy of all. not only that but both sets of books and authors speak of things that are almost unheard of nowadays.. like being courteous. remembering to be human …(if i’m saying something like that obviously i see whats really going on.)

    i’m not expecting anyone else to be as enthusiastic about Annes or Jane’s books. but you judge books by well known authors that are not only quite popular..but some of us who remembered such as kids have at least picked up some decent morals from said books. can christopher say the same? more and more these days i find the state of kids books in decline for teaching morales and good behaviors and teaching more of how to be idiots and unfeeling for anyone else but yourself. sad state really.
    that kind of crap you see everywhere.
    oh and while you’re picking on two of my favorite authors. are you going to pick at jk rowling too? and her wonderfully written books that ALSO teach some good morals???
    since some of you wads (points to bob tish) seem to want to pick on really well known and great artists maybe you should start your own book bashing page for other poor excuses of humanity to bash books along with you. spare the rest of us the crap of your own stupid personal opinion
    Should those two esteemed artists happen to read these humble words i write. i would like to thank them both very kindly for the solace that they have provided for me throughout the years and the good morals they taught me as a child.i still hold those well into my older years and well some consider me old school for the way i act.. but . ah well that’s their problem. no “skin”off of my nose. and i refuse to give into the masses and what they say. 3/4 of the time they’re dead wrong about things. as clearly they are about this fine book of Janes and also of Annes workings too. both Jane and Anne deserve MAJOR rewards for putting up with stupid critics like bob . . btw renata. you actually might like them.. theres been a 4th added to the series.. but the books are as follows.:
    Dragon’s Blood (book 1 of Pit Dragon series)
    Heart’s Blood (book 2 -Pit Dragon)
    A Sending Of Dragons ( book 3 -Pit Dragon)
    Dragon’s Heart ( Book 4 – Pit Dragon )

    Hope this lovely little informed list helps you fellow avid readers to catch up on a great classic series i remember from as a kid.:)
    and as for the rest of you wanna be whining critics. take a long walk on a short pier with cement shoes. you’d do the rest of the world a favor. either that or shut up sbout your nasty opinions that no one cares about.
    hasn’t anyone ever taught you wads how to not say anything at all if you can’t say something nice?? and picking on WOMEN EVEN?? GEEZ! i could get really nasty at this point..but refuse on the grounds that i will refrain from using the more vulgar words out of respect of two very highly acclaimed and very esteemed writers in my personal opinion. theyve got the class and the guts to go farther than most would ever even think to dream. Keep up the great works Jane and Anne & Todd. (you guys do know that anne’s son is also writing for the dragonrider series too right? he’s taking up that line with full permission from his Esteemed Mother.[who better to continue writing but family]Who happens to be EXTREMELY picky about who writes in HER books. and i really don’t blame her)
    i could never see what was wrong with a book that teaches good values and morals. there seems to be so few people that practice good protocol anymore. and why not earn that protocol from good books that are full of good ideas for morals.. AND also lessons that need to be learned by all???*shakes head* clearly by bob tish’s words he either doesn’t know how to read.. or his mindset is in the jock bloody kill ém all mindset. which is NOT a good thought pattern.

    Anuyhow. it s my EDUCATED and INFORMED opinion that i can happily say that Dragons Blood is a Very excellent read.
    follow up on the rest guys the tales only get better from there 🙂
    and as for you bad attitude wads. go find a truck to crash into a tree or a mountainside or something will ya? itd do the rest of the world a favor.
    (i wasn’t always like this in attitude..but over the years of watching people like bob tish.. well can you blame me for losing faith in most of humanity? i can’t seeing with the way the world is being these days.)
    enough said.

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