Book 8: Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot (2006)



This is actually pretty good. I was expecting for the main character to moan on and on over her weight and her inability to get a date and how shallow men are (it is a chicklit), but it is actually only part of the story. Heather Wells is a former pop teen star who now works at a dorm. She’s not that smart, but she’s not annoyingly stupid either. This book is also better because it’s not in a diary format.As far as mystery goes, I don’t know how good or not good the book is. I don’t read mystery. I’m going to give Meg Cabot some points though. After everything else she has written, this is totally a step up. Maybe she should start combining regular chicklit with something from now on.

(I was even almost tempted to pick up the sequel: Size 14 Is Not Fat Either. Maybe later.)

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