Movie 1: The Omen (2006)



I watched the original movie close to nine years ago. It scared the hell out of me. From what I remember, the old version is a lot better than the new one. The kid who played Damien in the old version was really good. The new version wins only when it comes to special effects.I didn’t really watch the movie from beginning to end, actually; I only watched parts of it. I wonder if it would have been more terrified if I watched it properly. I know The Omen used to be scary because I really believed that it would happen, that one day the Antichrist would rise and terrorize Christians. (Although I wasn’t well-versed in the Book of Revelation at all, I picked up bits here and there – enough to arrive at such conclusion. Certainly enough to avoid reading Revelation for the longest time.)

And now I no longer really believe in any of that. I no longer see the movie as a preview of what will eventually happen, and that’s why I’m not scared.


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